2013 Hayman Fellowship Winners!

During the 2013 meeting, UCIPC awarded two $5000 Hayman Foundation Fellowships in support of dissertation research. The 2013 Hayman Dissertation Fellowships recipients are:

• Tamara Beauchamp, UC Irvine (Comp Lit.)—Her dissertation project—entitled Transferential Obloquy: Modernism and Resistances to Psychoanalysis—questions the assumption that literary modernism shared an intimate relationship with psychoanalysis. She traces the modernist literary repudiations of the Freudian apparatus in great detail and assesses how forms of the rejection of the analytic model in turn inform anti-psychiatric thinking and clinical practices in the sixties and seventies.

• Selamawit D. Terrefe, UC Irvine (Dept. of English)—Her dissertation, entitled “Dissociative States: The Metaphysics of Blackness and the Psychic Afterlife of Slavery,” analyzes mimetic, psychic and political concerns around structural violence within African-American and African texts. Her comparative project conceptualizes the psychic continuum of violence for Africans and African-descended peoples in the U.S., and the unconscious processes that structure global power relations according to a “racial calculus,” which assutures slaveness to blackness.

The Hayman Dissertation Fellowship was created to foster and support psychoanalytically informed research on the literary, cultural and humanistic expressions of genocide, racism, ethnocentrism, nationalism, inter-ethnic violence, and the Holocaust. The Endowment supports studies in the psychodynamics of personal, group, and international crisis management, de-escalation, conflict resolution, and peace processes.