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The University of California – New Center for Psychoanalysis Interdisciplinary Psychoanalytic Consortium (UC-NCP IPC) annually funds one or more generous fellowships to aid psychoanalytically informed research on the literary, cultural and humanistic expressions of genocide, racism, ethnocentrism, nationalism, inter-ethnic violence, and the Holocaust. The Hayman Fellowship Endowment supports studies in the psychodynamics of personal, group, and international crisis management, de-escalation, conflict resolution, and peace processes.  This year we anticipate awarding one or two awards of up to $10,000 each.

ELIGIBILITY: The fellowships are intended to provide for dissertation research in scholarly resources, archives, libraries, academic contacts, and to provide support for the final writing for publication of a project whose major research has been completed. Applicants should be advanced to candidacy for the doctorate in their graduate studies or be in a psychiatric residency or fellowship program.

APPLICATION: There is no application form. Applicants should submit PDF copies of the following documents:

1) A current Curriculum Vita including a bibliography.
2) A proposal describing their project and its aims, when and where it would be undertaken (not to exceed 5 single-spaced pages) sent as an attachment.
3) One letter of reference by faculty sponsors familiar with their work.

SUBMISSION: Submit the following documents in PDF format to Dr. Kevin Groark (ucpsychoanalysis@gmail.com)

DEADLINE: All material must be received by Feb 20, 2020

(NOTE: Applicants for the Dissertation Award prize are encouraged to apply for a Conference Stipend also in the event that they do not receive the Dissertation Award but would like to attend the conference.)

Winners of the fellowship will be announced at the ANNUAL MEETING OF THE UC/NCP INTERDISCIPLINARY PSYCHOANALYTIC CONSORTIUM.  For more information, see the Annual Meeting Webpage, or contact us directly. For an overview of previous projects which have been awarded Hayman Fellowships, click here.

Application deadline for the 2020 competition is Feb 20, 2020.

Registration | Final Conference Program | Hayman Fellowships
Student/Candidate Conference Scholarships