Announcing 2017 UC/ICP NCP Graduate Conference Stipends


Applications for stipends to attend the UC/NCP IPC Annual Conference for graduate students and clinical associates are now available.  The stipend covers full registration fees, room & board expenses, plus a maximum of $250 in travel expenses. If you would like to apply, please submit the following:

1) Cover letter stating the relevance of psychoanalytic theory and/or practice for your graduate and/or clinical training, with a description of the specific research interests that will benefit from deeper exposure to psychoanalytic ideas;

2) Current CV documenting the academic history of the applicant.

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: March 1, 2017.  Submit application materials in PDF format to Dr. Kevin Groark (  He can also answer any questions that may arise concerning the stipend or application process.

Faculty, please bring the UC/IPC NCP Conference Stipends to the attention of your graduate students and post in your department and college!

Call for Proposals | Registration Form | Hayman Fellowship Application
Graduate Conference Stipend Form | NCP Paper Prize

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