About Us

The University of California – New Center for Psychoanalysis Interdisciplinary Psychoanalytic Consortium (UC-NCP IPC) was founded in 1993 by Peter Loewenberg, Nancy Chodorow, and Robert Nemiroff.  At that time—indeed, until 2016—the organization was called UCIPC – University of California Interdisciplinary Psychoanalytic Consortium.  The idea was visionary; namely to bring together, in an informal way, serious thinkers in the humanities and social sciences (many of whom have received dual training as analytic clinicians or Research Psychoanalysts) to engage in a weekend long discussion of seminal social and psychological issues.

Although the name of this association has always been a mouthful, its conceptual foundation is unique, and likely without parallel anywhere else in the country. Our meetings are held annually at the UCLA Conference Center, located on the shores of Lake Arrowhead in the San Bernardino Mountains.  The vision which has animated these meetings for the past two decades is the spirit of inclusion, of mixing generations, genders, and disciplinary orientations. It is the spirit of promoting research, advancing critical thinking, and demonstrating scholarly and personal exchange in an ambience of safety and conviviality.

UCIPC (now operating as UC-NCP IPC) has become the de facto network for many of the leading Research Psychoanalysts in California.  Research Psychoanalysts are fully credentialed professionals in diverse academic fields who are also trained as psychoanalytic clinicians. As scholars-clinicians, Research Psychoanalysts serve as bridges between the worlds of psychoanalysis and academia, and their contributions have informed both analytic theory as well as heartland academic disciplines.  Promotion of this dual-training model has long been central to UC/NCP IPC’s mission from its inception.

Useful Links:
California Medical Board description of Research Psychoanalyst: http://www.mbc.ca.gov/Applicants/Psychoanalysts/

New Center for Psychoanalysis (NCP) Full Psychoanalytic Training Program (which welcomes applications from Research Analyst candidates):

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