2020 UCNCPIPC Meeting Registration!

If you’re planning to attend the 2020 Annual UCNCPIPC Meeting (March 6-8, 2020), please register NOW.  We’re finalizing arrangements, and need an accurate head-count to plan, allocate student stipends, etc.

Registration and Room & Board*

  • Conference Registration = $75
  • Accomodations & Food (SHARED ROOM in a deluxe condolet) = $510
  • Accomodations & Food (PRIVATE ROOM in a single hotel-style room) = $570

For registrations received after Feb 15, the late Conference Registration fee of $95 will apply.  So sign up now!

To apply, simply fill out the Registration Form and email or send to the address indicated on the form, along with payment.  Payment can be made by check or credit card and will be processed by the New Center for Psychoanalysis (NCP).  Detailed payment information is provided on the form.

Several different subsidies are available, depending on your educational status, location, and affiliation:

  • NCP “affiliates” receive a $100 discount on expenses for the conference.
  • People travelling from Northern California can request mall subsidy (in the form of a partial travel reimbursement of $250) to help offset conference expenses.  
  • Graduate students and analytic candidates who apply for (and are awarded) the scholarship may receive partial or full scholarships for the conference, depending on stated need.

Please contact Jeff Prager for more information.

*Note: Conference fees are refundable until Feb 15, 2020.  After that date, no refunds are possible, as the funds will have been committed.

For additional information on the 2020 meeting, click here.