Leo Rangell Professorial Endowment at UCLA

Check out the website for the Leo Rangell Professorial Endowment.   Housed at the Jane and Terry Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA, the purpose of the Leo Rangell Professorial Endowment is to celebrate, perpetuate, and advance the psychoanalytic work of the late Dr. Leo Rangell through an investment in scholarships, education and research. 62066169 A generous $2.1 million gift from The Resnick Family Foundation established the endowment, the proceeding from which are used to bring distinguished visiting professors and young scholars to the UCLA campus, as well as to create and maintain the Leo Rangell Archives Preservation Fund, dedicated to preserving and digitizing Dr. Rangell’s detailed records under the administration of the director of the Semel Institute. The Rangell Endowment also sponsor a generous essay prize each year, so check their website for more details…

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