Theme of 22nd Annual UCIPC Meeting: Psychoanalysis and Love

We are pleased to announce the theme for the 22nd Annual UCIPC “Lake Arrowhead Meeting” (May 2-4, 2014)—PSYCHOANALYSIS AND LOVE

Adopting a possibly cheerier theme than in past years, the meetings will be organized around the theme “Psychoanalysis and Love.” Psychoanalysis, philosophy, and social theory have all grappled with the complex “question” of love and its role in personal and social life. How do we conceptualize love in its many forms and subtle variations? Is it best understood as an intrapsychic state? As a mode of intimate relating? As a social virtue? How does love relate to other complex self-states (such as dependency, ambivalence, hatred, and aggression)? What are the moral implications of the loving attitude? How might love be understood as political emotion—as an “ethic of care” toward the other? Does the absence of love help to explain various forms of social pathology, like racism? Does the concept of love promote a deeper psychoanalytic understanding of societal repair, forgiveness, apology? These are just a few of the many questions that animate current discussions around love, being in love, and loving. The goal of this year’s conference is to unpack this deceptively simple concept, exploring the protean forms and functions “love” assumes at the personal, social, cultural, and political levels.”

The Call for Proposals is  available here. Consider organizing a session!

Details on registration and location of meetings can be found on the UCIPC Annual Meeting Page.  Consider registering early!

Graduate students are encouraged to contact us for more information on attending.  We anticipate that a small number of fellowships will be available to fund student attendees.  Contact Jeffrey Prager for more information.


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