Call for Papers – 22nd Annual UCIPC “Lake Arrowhead Conference”

22nd Annual UCIPC Lake Arrowhead Conference – Call for Papers!

Theme: Psychoanalysis and Love

Dear Members and Prospective Members of the University of California Interdisciplinary Psychoanalytic Consortium:

Our annual conference at the UCLA Lake Arrowhead Conference Center will be held on May 2-4, 2014. The theme of this year’s meeting is “Psychoanalysis and Love.”

We are far ahead of our typical schedule for organizing the program and the meeting, and we hope this will enable more people to commit to coming for the week-end, and to think about possible presentations. It is the custom of UCIPC to organize our program around group discussions. Panel leaders are expected to make opening remarks and to propose (brief) readings to help organize the discussion. Panel leaders are not to make long formal presentations of their work, or of others.

The call for workshops and session is available for download via this link:

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