On the Virtues of Interdisciplinary Training

A great essay on the virtues of being (or becoming) a polymath. Yet another great articulation of why combining psychoanalytic training with other disciplinary endeavors is a pursuit that pays unexpected dividends…



Free Event at New Center for Psychoanalysis: “LIMOUSINE, MIDNIGHT BLUE: In Memoriam JFK” – A one man performance by Jamey Hecht

“LIMOUSINE, MIDNIGHT BLUE: In Memoriam JFK”—a one man performance by Jamey Hecht

Friday, November 22nd, 2013 at 8pm, New Center for Psychoanalysis (address below). Free admission.

On this day, the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination, NCP presents a one-man show by actor and author Jamey Hecht, “LIMOUSINE, MIDNIGHT BLUE: In Memoriam JFK.” The script is from Hecht’s book, Limousine, Midnight Blue: Fifty Frames from the Zapruder Film (Red Hen Press, 2009); the live performance is directed by Charles Pasternak, accompanied by a multimedia sight and sound projection. Imagery of the murder and visuals from the verse are offset by footage from presidential interviews and speeches. Epic tradition—i.e., Homer, Dante, Milton—shares the stage with science, religion, and popular culture. Hecht is a classicist, born in 1968, taking advanced training in psychoanalysis at Los Angeles’ New Center for Psychoanalysis (NCP). The production will be in NCP’s beautiful facility on Sawtelle Boulevard in West Los Angeles.

Extracted from a series of sonnets on the JFK assassination, the mixed-media show sizzles with dramatic power. Hecht first reacts to the horrific “Zapruder Film” of JFK’s death and then inhabits the spirit of the slain president who meditates on his own life and sudden end.

The assassination is a shared cultural trauma whose impact is still felt. “Psychoanalysis looks beneath the surface and into the depths–both the Inferno of myth, and the Hell of a violent world. Repression–whether in a person or in a whole society–buries intolerable truths, at a terrible cost that can prevent peace, stability, and insight”, explains Hecht.

For more information, call NCP at 310.478.6541
New Center for Psychoanalysis / 2014 Sawtelle Blvd / Los Angeles, CA / 90025

Free tickets available here: https://www.eventbrite.com/event/9163009809



Free Talk at New Center for Psychoanalysis: Jeff Prager on False Memory and Early Childhood Sexual Abuse

False Memory and Early Childhood Sexual Abuse – Two Distinctive Differences in Understanding and Intervention

Dr. Jeffrey Prager. Thursday November 21, 2013 8 PM–10 PM free admission.

New Center for Psychoanalysis / 2014 Sawtelle Blvd / Los Angeles, CA / 90025

Dr. Prager reports on his encounter with 10 Israeli analysts from The Winnicott Center in Tel Aviv who responded to case material he published in Presenting the Past, Psychoanalysis and the Sociology of Misremembering (Harvard 1998). Dr. Prager offers his response to his Israeli critics, first presented in June 2013 in Tel Aviv. He focuses especially on dramatic differences between Israeli and American psychoanalysis concerning 1) the links between dissociation and trauma and 2) the possibility of false memories of past abuse. Dr. Prager suggests that differences in psychoanalytic understanding and technique derive from an ongoing concern in the United States with the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorders in contrast to Israeli society continually dealing instead with in-the-present traumatic situations and their overwhelming reality. The result is the creation of two different psychoanalytic cultures yielding two distinctive approaches in treatment. This psychoanalytic exchange was sponsored in part by the Leonard J. Comess, MD Israel Teaching Fund.

For more information, call NCP at 310.478.6541

Free tickets available here: https://www.eventbrite.com/event/9162686843